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Custom Roman Shades

EXCITING NEWS: We can now make cordless Roman shades!

London Shade Drapery Workroom DenverCustom Roman shades seem to be gaining in popularity every year, eclipsing other types of window treatments, and there is a good reason!  Roman shades are seemingly timeless, and they bring a softness to a space that blinds just can not match. Not to mention energy efficiency, particularly when they are lined.

Roman shades are an excellent alternative to traditional drapes, and they can be fabricated to match any interior design style. Flat Roman shades and Doweled Roman shades tend to look contemporary, while Relaxed, Balloon, London, and Parafold Roman Shades provide a more formal, traditional look.

When you have little or no space on the sides of your window, Roman shades can offer a beautiful, functional solution.

We can fabricate any type of custom Roman shade, including these:

  • Flat Roman shades
  • Relaxed Roman shades
  • Hobbled Roman shades
  • London shades
  • Front doweled Roman shades
  • Box pleat balloon valances
  • Gathered balloon Roman shades
  • Parafold Roman shades

Once you have chosen your Roman shade style, we can add options for you, including:

  • contrasting pleats
  • banding
  • top down / bottom up
  • banded headers
  • attached trim

We make our Roman shades with hand-sewn rings, double 4-inch hems, and a rust-proof weight rod. We offer a wide variety of styles of Roman shades, or you can design your own. We can add blackout linings to Roman shades, as well as interlinings (which can give the shades more “body”). Clutch systems are also an option.

Really, when it comes to Roman shades, if you can imagine it, we can fabricate it! And go ahead and let your imagination run wild…we can make Roman shades out of almost any type of fabric (even sheers), with varied textures, in any pattern, no matter how complex.

If you’d like to show your client how a Roman shade will look on a particular window, we can create a free custom sketch for you. The process is simple! You provide a photo of the window (or accurate dimensions), along with your fabric and style choices, and we use a state-of-the-art computer program to create a rendering that is unbelievably accurate. This extra step in the process and goes a long ways toward communicating your vision to your client.

For additional information about custom Roman shades, or to get a price quote, please call (303) 532-1864, or e-mail

Note: Our custom drapery workroom has been in business in the Denver metro area since 1986. In addition to custom Roman shades, we also make other window treatments, including: custom drapery, custom cornices, and custom valances. In addition, we can make custom pillows, bedding, and table skirts. No project too small or too big!

Flat Roman Shade

Flat Roman Shade Drapery Workroom Denver

Parafold Roman Shade

Parafold Roman Shade Drapery Workroom Denver

Relaxed Roman Shade

Relaxed Roman Shade Drapery Workroom Denver

Backed Doweled Roman Shade

Backed Doweled Roman Shade Drapery Workroom Denver