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Custom Medallion Mounted Valances

Medallions are such an elegant way to mount valances, it’s no wonder interior designers and decorators love to choose these as a top treatment for window coverings. Depending on the style of the medallions (or knobs), the hardware can add a simple touch or make an ornate statement.

At our custom drapery workroom, we create all types of medallion mounted valances, including:

  • Pinch pleat valances
  • Tab valances
  • Bay or box window valances
  • Empire valances
  • Windsor valances
  • Kingston valances

The custom valances can be attached to medallions or knobs with rings or ties.

For a beautiful decorating touch, medallion mounted valances can be placed not only above windows, but also above sliding glass doors, patio doors, and beds.

If you would like to show your client what a medallion mounted valance would look like, we’ll be happy to provide a free custom sketch. These renderings – produced with a state-of-the-art computer program – are amazingly accurate.

In business since 1986, our custom drapery workroom offers free pickup and delivery throughout the Denver metro area, foothills, Front Range, and Colorado Springs.

Our typical turnaround time is four weeks. But we can also offer “rush” service (as long as we can accommodate it in our workroom schedule, and there is an extra fee).

For more information about medallion mounted valances, or to get a price quote on your next project, please call (303) 532-1864, or e-mail

Please note: In addition to medallion mounted valances, we can also make custom rod mounted valances and custom board mounted valances.