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Free Sketches For Custom Window Treatments

Oftentimes, a client needs to see something before they will agree to buy it. You may be able to show them examples of a specific type of window treatment, hand them a swatch of fabric, and try to explain what the finished product will look like once it is installed…but there’s nothing quite like seeing an accurate rendering!

If you’ve a window treatment project you would like help with, we are happy to provide you with a free custom sketch.

All you have to do is take a photograph of the window (or give us accurate dimensions), give us the name of the fabric you’re considering, tell us which treatment style you would like (e.g. relaxed Roman shade), and we will do the rest for you.

Using a computer program, we will “place” the window treatment on your photo or on a window sketch, insert the fabric, and produce an amazingly accurate depiction of what the custom window covering will look like when it’s finished and installed in your client’s home.

Check out the photos to the right (or below, if you’re using a phone or tablet), and you’ll see how accurate custom sketching can be.

Photo #1 – Before: The first photo shows the windows, as they looked in the client’s home.

Photo #2 – Rendering: The second photo shows the sketch we produced, demonstrating what the window coverings would look like.

Photo #3 – After: The third photo shows the window treatments, installed in the client’s home.

At our custom drapery workroom, we can fabricate just about any type of window treatment, including these:

We can make window treatments for all sizes, shapes, and types of windows, including the following:

  • geometric shaped windows
  • curved windows
  • arched windows
  • floor to ceiling windows
  • two-story windows
  • bay windows
  • skylights
  • box windows
  • patio doors and sliding glass doors

For information about custom sketches, or to get a price quote and/or sketch for your next window treatment project, please call (303) 532-1864, or e-mail us at

Note: Our drapery workroom has been in business since 1986, serving design industry professionals throughout Colorado. We offer free pickup and delivery, or you can have fabrics shipped directly to our workroom.

Before Photo

Before Photo For Custom Sketch

Custom Rendering

Custom Sketch Rendering

After Photo

After Photo Of Custom Sketch