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Custom Thermal Drapes / Insulated Drapes

Insulated drapes (also known as thermal drapes) are popular in Colorado, where we experience extreme changes in temperature, sometimes in the same day.

At our custom drapery workroom, we can make drapes with a special lining that has an interlining type of fleece. This thermal lining creates three layers to the drape, allowing the window treatment to block out cold in the winter and heat in the summer. This means lower energy bills and more comfortable temperatures in the rooms.

Depending on which type of lining you choose, thermal drapes can also block part or all of the light, effectively serving as “dimout” or “blackout” drapes. And they can even help block noise, including outdoor noise and echoes in large rooms.

Not all seamstresses or drapery workrooms will make insulated drapes, because they are difficult to sew. But we enjoy the challenge of creating beautiful, insulated draperies, and we can make them in any size, to fit sliding glass doors, patio doors, and all types of windows (including 2-story windows).

We can custom-fabricate a variety of blackout drapes and window treatments, including the following:

As with all types of drapery linings, insulated linings will give the drapery more body and help it hang better.

It is important to make note that, because of their thickness, when thermal drapes are in the open position, they can take up 15% to 30% more space than non-lined drapes.

For information about thermal / insulated drapes, or to get a price quote on your next project, call (303) 532-1864, or e-mail

Please note: In addition to thermal drapes, we can also make outdoor drapes and room darkening / blackout drapes.